Ironic Ink

I have a cat who loves ink. She especially likes the squidy goodness of the inkwell and the thick tubes of ink for block printing. I have to lock her out of the room when I am making prints to keep her from licking the fresh pressed ones. I decided to illustrate this artists life with cats. Sometimes when illustrating these things it’s best to exaggerate the overall state of affairs to get at the heart of the humor. While the cat in question is no doubt an ink fiend of the highest caliber, she hadn’t ever tipped an inkwell and paw-painted the dog. But this is the image I chose to illuminate this issue. And a few days after I finished it, I found a pot of ink tipped over and it’s contents oozed out its poorly designed lid all over the table that looks a lot like the one in the illustration. At which point my husband pointed at me and demanded I draw him winning the 100 million dollar lottery.


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