Pet A Porter

I am often early for veterinary appointments for the cats. I never know how much wrestling, bribery or rending of my flesh will be involved in the process of getting a cat into the carrier. So I try to get an early start. Of course you have to find them first. And the exact instant you decide its time to begin the feats of cat packing, the cat will disappear. Not all the cats, just the exact one you are looking for. The rest of the furry accomplices will look at you with the innocence of someone abetting a felon. I have gone to great lengths to not telegraph my intentions. I leave a cat carrier in plain sight at all times. So there is no thumping announcement of veterinary doom as I fish it out of the back of a closet. I’m not sure how they seem to always know but I am growing more convinced of advanced psychic abilities. Because it certainly isn’t a general fear of the cat porter. When it is sitting idle I find them happily using it as a tiny bedroom often with a look of knowing superiority.


5 thoughts on “Pet A Porter

  1. So true 😀 And even when I got my dad´s cat to put him in the carrier it was another 5 min struggle because he made himself so big with paws in all directions that I couldn´t put him in.

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