An Inconvenient Poop

I always go outside with the dogs when they need to disembark a poo passenger. When left to their own devices my dogs become goats and consider the least digestible items ideal nutritional supplements. It seems important to supervise and discourage their consumption of vitamin tulip and their fiber intake via fence post. You would think a dog would be more expedient about his business than a human who has a smart phone and the capacity to sit idly for long periods. While in humans this potty malingering occurs post-act, in dogs the greatest time is consumed in the searching for the ideal spot. A spot can be found, partially squatted upon, abandoned and returned to for completion. The perfect spot can be passed over many times before revealing itself as the goal post. A terrific and lengthy search can be performed without any final satisfaction and a desire to go back in the house. There is fact only one known way to curtail this toilet foraging…rain. When it rains the dogs can’t evacuate fast enough and have been known to barely make it off the porch. Unfortunately we live in the desert and these days are few and far between. Thank god I have a smart phone.


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