Pass The Pillow Poochie

Sharing a bed with your pet is much like sharing your bed with another person. Cats and dogs are just as adept as toddlers at sprawling their limbs into your sleep space. They snore and and talk in their sleep. They get morning breath and sneak out the occasional room clearing fart. But sharing your bed with multiple animals is like trying to sleep on an economy flight with the cast of a reality TV show. Everything is escalated to the next degree. Cover tug-o-war turns into outright warfare and every time you roll over, something fuzzy flies from the bed in disbelief at your wiggly bad manners. Then there are the less sensitive pets who wouldn’t budge their position even if they suddenly found out they were actually sleeping on a crocodile.

Pets are sometimes even worse sleep partners than a human because they have absolutely no respect for the necessity of sleep time. These are the sleep thieves who slurpily groom themselves next to your head at 3am. They are the late-comers who insist on you being awake to facilitate their finding optimal comfort and the early risers who knock things off your nightstand until you catch a hint. Some of them bring snacks and toys into the bed or bite anything that dares dangle off the edge of the bed.

Of course there are the perks of piling pets in your bed. My cats often purr us all to sleep and cuddle up next to cold toes until they are toasty. Some pets have advanced degrees in cuddling and make it perfectly clear that your presence is welcome even if they are just using you to warm their fuzz buns. But the best part about sleeping with pets is waking up with them. They start every day with tail wags and chirps and stretch with content in the first bit of sun they can because pets always seem to wake up in a good mood.


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