How to Stalk Your Cat With A Camera

Here are some simple rules to taking excellent pictures of your cats.

1. Have your phone in your hand on camera mode at all times. Follow your cat around with your finger on the shutter. Don’t ever for one second let them go out of frame. The one second you aren’t ready is the exact second they will manage to balance a toy mouse on the tip of their nose while standing on one foot.

2. Don’t use a flash or you will accidentally reveal the inner glowing, green-eyed demon present in all cats.

3. Don’t ever let the cat know you intentions. They sense your inner desire to photograph them and will move their head at the exact moment of exposure leaving you with nothing but fluff and blur.

4. Don’t hold your phone close enough for the cat to reach. They will punch it right out of your hand so you can do something respectable with it, like get them something to eat.

5. If you are frustrated and ready to give up…don’t. The cat also senses when you no longer wish to take a photo and chooses then to be its most photogenic. You won’t ever be able to capture these moments, but it will save you from total demoralization.


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