Tom Mater Do It

Many years ago we had a strange mystery in our house. By all appearances we were suffering from an infestation of tomato vampires. Every fresh, plump tomato brought into the home would soon be found to have deep fang marks and even small bites. Since Van Helsing’s current fee schedule was out of our price range we were left to our own investigative resources. We left a tomato in a bowl on the counter and waited. Sure enough, our fluffy vixen Lucyfur was found minutes later helping herself like the proverbial monkey on a cupcake.

This is the same cat who gives herself brain freezes over bowls of fresh snow, steals candy corn at Halloween and who can not be trusted in the presence of anything with pink frosting. Her cravings run with the odd variety of late term pregnancy. And she is by far the most picky of cat food eaters, giving foul looks if the treat flavor branches from fish to poultry.

What are your cats’ craziest cravings?


3 thoughts on “Tom Mater Do It

  1. Out of my four cats, one is a mutant (possibly an alien) who will not eat anything that is not dry cat food. One will be your bestie for bits of chicken, milk and ice cream (she was previously my Mom’s cat but is on a diet because she is obese).

    One has to stick her nose into literally everything and anything you are trying to eat, but won’t eat any herself. She will only eat cat food (wet and dry). Then there is the wild child boy, who won’t touch meat of any kind unless its wet cat food but will totally hunt arugula, field greens, kale, and spinach from your bowl or plate all over the apartment. And apparently he may have decided he likes vanilla gelato as well.

    All of them are hopeless Temptations fiends though.

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    1. Oh my goodness the Temptations! I recently got the dairy variety and I’d never bought that kind before. They are crazy for it. I got a “hurry up woman” nibble on my finger because I wasn’t opening the package fast enough this morning.

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      1. LOL Yeah, I get howled at, nipped, chewed, and pounced on until they get their Temptations at least three times a day. Two of mine are polite and just follow me around and meow;; but the other two…one follows me around and howls and the the other does all of the rest lol.

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